ROMANIA, March 16, 2018 - The Peace Museum Vâlcea Romania has been hosting for almost two months the Photography Exhibition "Peace and Us" by the journalist and photographer Andrei Niculescu. The exhibition was opened on January 22, 2018, just three days after the opening of the Peace Museum Vâlcea of Romania, the first Peace Museum opened in South Eastern Europe. The exhibition complements the idea of ​​peace, bringing social peace to the forefront of public attention.


The admirers of photographic art have the opportunity to see the works of photographer Andrei Niculescu for whom photography was and it is more than a passion.

The exhibition is distinctly different from other photographic exhibitions, especially through the chosen theme, respectively, social peace. There are exposed images of the everyday life of people, unfolding in a climate of peace and understanding. It is given a realistic photographic vision, the lens of the camera aiming to capture the inner feelings of individuals as accurately as possible, in a landscape of the city which seems to be from another world, a world untouched by conflicts and contradictions.

For the young photographer Andrei Niculescu, photography is a way of authentic expressing of reality and inner feelings. Photography is art, science, passion, imagination and emotion.

The photographic exhibition "Peace and Us" is open to the public every day, between 8-16 pm, at the Vâlcea County Library, 3rd Floor, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania.

Magda C.Butucea / Diplomatic Aspects