Peace Museum Romania (Muzeul Păcii România) is the first Peace Museum in South Eastern Europe, the first Mobile Peace Museum in the world and an integral part of the International Network of Museums for Peace.

The idea of establishing a mobile aspect to PEACE MUSEUM ROMANIA belongs to its founder, Magdalena Cristina BUTUCEA, who wanted to spread peace education in the world as much as possible. 

Magdalena C. BUTUCEA received, in April 2019, "Peace Hero" Award from Peace Museum Vienna (Austria), as a recognition of the entire activity as an international activist for peace and human rights defense, and, in September 2019, a Letter of Recognition from the International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP) for the establishment of the Peace Museum Romania, considered an international project that transcends national, racial and religious barriers.

Peace Museum Romania - Historical and social experiment

Peace Museum Romania promotes peace and human rights by presenting prominent personalities of the world who have contributed and contribute to the defense of peace, freedom and human rights and the idea of sustainable development - an integral part of the concept of peace. Thus, the strategy of sustainable development becomes an integral part of the concept of peace, a notion that is a determining part of the concept of a mobile Peace Museum. 

Romania, as a member state of the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU), has committed to support the 2030 Agenda and the implementation of the set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Peace Museum Romania includes, along with the exhibition and presentation of personalities, workshops for students / students and the interested public, workshops that are supported by its founder, Magdalena Cristina BUTUCEA, and whose main theme is to explain the notion of peace, the explanation of the notion of war and the types of war known in the history of mankind. The workshops have an interactive character, the participating public being able to take part in discussions and debates.

Peace education defines a positive and integrated educational approach, which aims to promote values such as: respect, freedom, law, peace, equality, solidarity, self-respect, respect for others, interest in global issues, critical approach, social responsibility.

Purpose of Peace Education: promoting engagement and cooperation in solving local and global vital problems, promoting and preserving peace, a prerequisite for sustainable development, stimulating the participation of young generation, families, teachers, the whole community in peace education activities .

The Peace Museum Romania has had exhibitions in several cities in Romania and Europe, respectively in Râmnicu Vâlcea, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Bucharest, Vienna and Craiova.